tirsdag, februar 28, 2006

The {21} Challenge

Finally I've made the outside of this journal. It took a long time to decide the last piece, but yesterday I found the challenge for me. So, today I’ve got my own book for the challenge :o) Jippi!!!

Inside I wrote some words about what an Art-Journal are, and how I came to start on this :o) I hope that you are able to read it, but anyway, here it is:

I didn’t know exactly what an art journal was, but when my dear friend Gudrun told me about this challenge with Rhonna Farrer, I couldn’t resist trying.

I searched for inspiration on the internet, and WOW! This must be the ultimate scrapbook! Here’s the opportunity to make history come alive, whether it’s a vacation, goals for a better life, and so much more!

Thank you Rhonna F. for this great inspiration! I’m in!

6 kommentarer:

ArtsyMama sa...

Aren't art journals just the best!?! They're so freeing and fun. I love the outside of yours. It's just supurb. Love the writing on the black paper too. I need to get into using black paper more. Very cool!

Heather M. sa...


Lene S sa...

Så kult! Jeg liker temaet på journalen din...å se lyspunktene i hverdagen er ikke alltid enkelt! Da er det flott å ha evnen til å kunne gjøre seg selv oppmerksom på de! :o)

KLEM :o)

gudrun sa...

Journalen din er super, Tove.
Stå på. ;)

Sherry sa...

Lovely work, and thank you very much for sharing -- I love all the bits and pieces that you add to each entry.

Rhonna sa...

Oh my, I'm blushing...
thank YOU!
This journal is lovely & I love your journaling!
thank you!